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Not quoting is not arrogance

It's not arrogance not to quote, why?

I have 30 years working experience of pumps & sprayer, cosmetic & personal care, pharmac & health, food & condiment, washing & cleaning, industrial & chemical, beverage & water and so on.
I have received countless mould quotation emails, and 80% of the mould quotations do not provide detailed requirements for mould manufacturing, which is really difficult to quote. Because there are at least three manufacturing methods for moulds: high-quality moulds, medium-quality moulds, and ordinary moulds. Add to that a lot of detail requirements and you'll have 100 offers. Being blamed by customers from youth to old age, but out of respect for customers, I never speak back. I formally declare a unified reply to the customers who accused me of being arrogant in the past: it is not arrogant not to quote, it is because you did not provide detailed information.

Compare Prices? The market always has the lowest price?

Good moulds are not necessarily expensive, but expensive moulds must be good, unless you are a layman and are cheated by unscrupulous moulds suppliers.
Only people who don't understand moulds compare prices, why? Some stainless steel mould bases are more expensive than ordinary moulds. Many expensive hot runner systems are even more expensive than ordinary moulds. It is right to compare the price according to the details of your mould making.

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